What if Hanuman wasn’t in Ramayana?

As we list the main characters of Ramayana, Rama, Sita, Laxman, Ravaana, all hold an imperial place in the great epic. All of these are strong humans with great beliefs and were the prince and princesses of their kingdom namely, Aayudhya, Mithilapur, and Lanka.

While on the other hand, there was an army of Apemen, who were very very trivial as compared to the rulers of the Kingdom. And if we consider Hanuman, he was also an apeman but is claimed to pivotal in Ramayana. We tried to find if Hanuman was really indespensible in Ramayana. Here’s a Ramayana without Hanuman.

Hanuman was basically the minister to King sugreeva. His role was that of a yogi, probably the first and foremeost of yogi’s in the world. His role was that of a ‘Kaarya saadhak’, or one who accomplishes ALL tasks. If it wasn’t for him, the vanar sena (military of apemen) would never have been formed and Rama could never have invaded Lanka and brought back Sita.

Hanuman appeared at the time when Sita was Ravan’s captive and was about to commit suicide. Hanuman gave her Ram’s ring and assured her that she will meet Ram and thus saved her life.

When Sri Rama and Lakshmana and majority of Vanaraa army was felled by Indrajit in almost a death state helplessly, it was Hanuman who brought the whole Sanjeevani parvat for Sanjeevani booti and thus saved all the wounded warriors.

These are the very few instances where Hanuman’s act of heroism were the ones that led to Rama’s win over Ravan.

It was a strong believe among Vibheeshan and other warriors that “If Hanumaan is alive, we will all live, if he is dead even Sugreeva and Sri Rama cannot do anything”……That is the role of Hanuman!
Hanuman, the first hero in the history, how important would his role be in Ramayana, turns out VERY!


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