Hanuman's majesty story

The legends of the Sanjeevani Parvat. Read this interesting story of How Lord Hanuman carried the Sanjeevani Parvat.

In Ramayana, when a war aroused between Rama’s vanarsena and Ravana’s force, the tiff was unusual. There was bloodshed and rigor all over. Ravan’s army was ferocious and was in a complete combat mode, injuring most of Ram’s army.

A wave of worry passed through the whole of Rama’s army when an arrow from Ravana’s son Meghnad hit Lakshman and he fell unconscious. As Lakshmana fell to the ground, the royal physician, Sushena was called. Seeing the near-dead Lakshamana, Sushena immediately said that the only cure was a mixture of four plats:

              Mruthasanjeevani (restorer of life),

              Vishalyakarani (remover of arrows),

Sandhanakarani (restorer of the skin) and

Savarnyakarani ( restorer of skin color).

Sushena said that this is the only and sure cure and that it is available only on the Dronagiri Hills in the Himalayan range. It was near to impossible for anyone to go and fetch the jadi-booti from the Himalayas just in a few hours. Everybody was confused and in astonishment. That is when Hanuman stepped in. Hanuman was the only one capable of flying to the Himalayas and getting the herbs.

Hanuman stood there, took a grand form. He grew bigger in size and with all his might, Hanuman started to fly towards the Himalayas. In no time Hanuman reached the Himalayas.  As he reached the Dronagiri hill, he began to find the herbs which were told by Sushena. On his quest to find the herbs, Hanuman got confused and could not identify the exact Sanjeevni herb that was required to revive Laxman and the other injured members of the monkey-army.

Hanuman had to be quick and had to pick the right herb but unable to do so, he decided to picked up the entire mountain of herbs and to fly back to Lanka.

When Hanuman reached Lanka with the whole Dronagiri parvat in one hand, everybody was amused. Hanuman took the parvat near Sushena and asked him to pick up the herbs himself.

Using the herbs, the physician created the medicine, Lakshmana, and other injured army members were revived from near death back to life.

The Donagiri hill is also called as Sanjeevani parvat naming it after the life-giving herb, Mruthsanjeevani or Sanjeevani.

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