The legend of Magardhwaj

It is a strange fact that the celibate Lord Hanuman is said to be the father of Magardhwaj. Legend proclaims that Lord Hanuman was captured by Megnath and brought to Ravan’s court. Ravan’s minions on his command bound up Lord Hanuman’s tail and set in on fire.This proved to be a costly mistake for Ravan as he had to see his beloved city, Lanka, the city of gold go up in flames before his eyes. After burning Lanka, Lord Hanuman, doused his tail in the sea. Physical exertion manifested itself in drops of sweat where a drop was swallowed by a fish. This fish was caught and prepared in the kitchen of Ahiravan (the demon king of the Underworld).When the fish was cut open a son was born and he bore the name of Magardhwaj. He became the sentinel of Patalpuri. Lord Hanuman later proclaimed him the king after the rescue of Lord Ram and Laxman from Ahriravan’s clutches.

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