The Humble Protector of all Mankind

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Lord Hanuman is projected as the protector of all mankind. Lord Shani (the son of Hanuman’s guru, the Sun God) is said to have been rescued by Lord Hanuman from Ravan (the Demon King). In gratitude, Lord Shani promised to spare the devotees of Lord Hanuman suffering from his painful effects. In another version of the legend, Lord Shani gained his stance on Hanuman’s shoulder signifying him coming under his influence. Lord Hanuman expanded his proportions in such a way that Lord Shani was squeezed in submission and granted reprieve to those under his influence who prayed to Lord Hanuman. On the spiritual forefront, this can be interpretive as a standoff between the symbol of selflessness (Lord Hanuman) and one of quick response to committed and past actions (Lord Shani). The only remedy lies in being selfless and humble like Lord Hanuman.

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