Hanuman : The devotee Hanuman's majesty story

Reciting Hanuman Chalisa reduces the ill effects of Saadhe Saati.. Find out the interesting story that justifies this belief.

Father of Shani Dev, Suryadev, is the teacher of Lord Hanuman. It is believed that once, Shani Dev had a fight with own father because Surya dev had trained Hanuman and Hanuman possessed more powers than Shanidev. Shani Dev never liked this fact and hence was upset with his father. So then how does chanting Hanuman Chalisa relieve one of Shani dosh? Here’s the story:

Raavan, after gaining a boon of invincibility from Lord Shiva. This boon had made him fearless and he was filled with ego! Ravana had conquered and defeated all Devataa and Lokpal and kept them under his foot.

Raavan was a great astrologer. During Raavan’s son Meghnath’s birth, Raavan placed all the planets in his 11th House to make him invincible and immortal. To keep Ravana from making his son immortal, Shani Dev stretched his leg a little to his 12th house. Raavan immediately understood that Shani’s place in the 12th house will lead to his son’s death. So, in the wrath of anger, Ravana imprisoned Shani in a dark tiny cell so that nobody could see Shani’s face again.

Meanwhile, when Hanuman entered Lanka, searching for Sita, he heard Shani’s cries from a deep place. When Hanuman realized that it was Shani Dev calling for help, he immediately freed him from the cell.

In gratitude, Shani promised Hanuman that those who would pray to him on Saturday would be rescued from the painful effects of Shani.

Lord Shani is believed to be stubborn and unforgiving, while on the other hand, Lord Hanuman is the most generous and selfless being. The story of Lord Shani and Hanuman have a hidden meaning that- being humble is the only way to counter the Karma born out of selfish action. There is a very strong belief that those who are suffering from ill effects of Lord Shani or Saadhe Sati, must worship Lord Hanuman on every Saturdays.

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