On Tuesdays Worship these deities to ensure a prosperous life!

The Hindu mythology dedicates every day of the week to a particular god/goddess. The days so allocated have some mythological story associated with it and also some custom/ritual associated in order to worship the particular God. There is a strong belief that worshiping that deity, in particular, blesses you with wellbeing, happiness, and prosperity.

The deity worshiped on Tuesday:

The deities worshiped on ‘Malgalvar’ i.e. Tuesday are Lord Ganesha, Durga, Goddess Kali and Lord Hanuman.

There are various ways to worship various deities.

Hanuman: To worship Lord Hanuman on Tuesday, many people visit Lord Hanuman’s temple. Chant the auspicious Hanuman Chalisa. They offer a garland of leaves to Hanuman as a token of respect.

Ganesha: To worship Lord Ganesha, Many people observe fast on Tuesday. The fast so kept allows having a meal at one time during the day.

Maa Durga and Maa Kali: In order to please the goddess Kali and goddess Durga, many people especially women, observe fast on Tuesday. This fast is very strict. If the devotee is asking for a particular thing from the goddess, the fast is kept for consecutively for 21 Tuesdays followed by a small gathering of women on the 22nd Tuesday. In the gathering, women meet each other, read and exchange stories of the goddess and distribute gifts.

Apart from various deities, Tuesday is also regarded as a day for warding off the troubles caused by the planet Mars. Mars is known as Mangal and thus the name Mangalvar. Observing a fast on Tuesday also reduces the ill effects caused by the Mars planet.

Red color has a special significance on Tuesdays. Worship on Tuesdays and make sure you lead a prosperous life void of obstacles.

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