Hanuman's majesty

Meet Hanuman’s Son, Makar Dhwaja. Know how he was born.

Hanuman is the perfect example of strength, devotion, and perseverance.

The God of Strength Hanuman was born with the boon of immortality. Hanuman is an embodiment of truth, faith, knowledge, courage, and righteousness. Of all the virtues Hanuman has, His Brahmacharya is the most regarded one.

Although he is claimed to have never broken his brahmacharya, there is a popular belief that Hanuman had a son from Makar Dhwaja. It may be shocking to know that Hanuman had s son, but there’s an interesting story about how Hanuman had his soon.

The story goes as:

While in Lanka, Hanuman burnt the entire Lanka with his tail. While he set Lanka on fire to scare Ravana, Hanuman’s tail was also on fire. Lanka, being surrounded by sea from all sides, Hanuman dipped his tail in the sea waters to cool off his tail and body.

While Hanuman was in the water and his body sweaty, his sweat got into the water. A mighty fish, Makar Dhawaja swallowed his sweat and thus conceived.  Hanuman’s Son who was also named after his mother, Makar Dhwaja was thus born.

The fish was caught by Ravana’s stepbrother Ahiravana who ruled Patal (hell), the netherworld. When Makar Dhwaja grew up, Ahiravana was impressed by his strength and virility. He then made him his soldier.


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