Lord Hanuman – The epitome of battling every eventuality to fulfill his word

In the battle of the Ramayana, Megnath, the son of Ravan, wounded Laxman, it was Lord Hanuman who came to the rescue. Instructed by the medicine man, that the only herb that could restore Laxman to his senses was the Sanjivini Buti, which only grew in the Himalayas, he set about to procure it. This herb could only be given before the sun arose the next day. Assuming gigantic proportions he flew over the vast distance between Sri Lanka and the Himalayas during the night. Ravan to prevent Lord Hanuman from fulfilling his objective caused the sun to rise at midnight. Indignant at this conspiracy the lord enclosed the Su god within his armpit releasing him only when the herb was in healing hands.

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