Hanuman's majesty story

How the golden Lanka turned black!

Lord Rama, Laxmana, Hanuman, all were on a hunt to find Sita when she went missing suddenly. Looking for her everywhere, Hanuman encountered with Sampati. Sampati narrated the story of the death of his brother, Jatayu who was brutally murdered by Ravana. Sampati told Hanuman that when Jatayu tried to save Sita while being abducted by Ravana and in the tiff, Ravana assassinated Jatayu. He informed Hanuman that Ravana had kept Sita in his captivity at the Ashok Vatika in Lanka.

Knowing where Sita was, Lord Ram sent Hanuman to get her back. Hanuman went to Lanka. He decided to meet Ravana in person and get Sita back. In Ravana’s court, Hanuman stood. All the counsel of Ravana started to laugh at Hanuman and made his fun. Hanuman wished to sit and talk to Ravana but Ravana refused to offer him a seat. Lord Hanuman without feeling insulted, grew his tail very long. Wound it and made a seat for himself and sat on it.

Looking at how magically Hanuman elongated his tail, everybody was shocked. This enraged Ravana. Ravana immediately ordered Hanuman’s tail to be set on fire. When Ravana’s slaves tried to pull Hanuman’s tail, it became longer and longer and did not end at all. With Hanuman’s tail on fire, he set all around the court setting everything on fire. Hanuman went to Ravana’s palace and started jumping everywhere in the palace, thus putting all the curtains, cushions, and the whole palace on fire.

All the Ravana’s slaves were chasing Hanuman, from the terrace of the palace, Hanuman took a leap to other houses in Lanka setting everything on fire. Soon the whole Lanka was burning and everybody was terrified.

Sita came to know about the incidence. She knew Hanuman would not back off and was continuously praying to Lord Agni for Hanuman’s safety. Hence Hanuman was spared from the burning.

Before Ravana could take any actions, the whole Lanka was on fire. When the fire was controlled by Ravana’s men, the whole Lanka was in ashes and thus the Lanka which was once golden was ruined and turned black!

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