Hanuman : The devotee

Did you know that There is a temple in Andhra Pradesh that has the idols of Lord Hanuman with his wife Suvarchala Devi?? Find out the story behind it.

We all know about Hanuman’s love and selfless devotion to Lord Rama. We are also aware of his pledge to keep away from all the worldly pleasures and lead a life of Brahmacharya – a life without marital relations.

This is what we all have known Hanuman to be. But legends say that despite being a Brahmachari, Hanuman was a married man. Yes, legends have in them that Hanuman’s wedding was a fact. Here’s why Hanuman got married.

Hanuman wanted to learn all the worldly knowledge. His mother suggested him to go to Surya dev as he knows everything in the world. Hanuman went to the Surya Mandala and pleaded to the Sun god to educate him.

From the Sun god, he learned Vedas, Vedangas, and Upangas. Hanuman learned everything and while leaving thanked Surya Deva. Surya Deva demanded Guru Dakshina from Hanuman and Hanuman instantly agreed. It is said that Surya Deva asked Hanuman to marry his daughter Suvarchala as his Guru Dakshina.

It is believed that Being a born celibate, Lord Hanuman did not qualify to study the Nava Vyakarnas (nine grammars) for which the condition was to be a Grihastha that is, married man. To facilitate the completion of his education, Surya Deva created a young girl and named her Suvarchala Devi. Thus marrying Surya Deva’s daughter made him eligible to learn the Nine vyakaranas.

Lord Hanuman was hesitant to marry but Surya Deva assured him that the marriage is only for the welfare of the Universe and it would not affect his chosen course of celibacy.

Surya Deva also blessed Hanuman with a boon that he would remain a Brahmachari even after marriage. Thus Lord Hanuman got married to Suvarchala Devi.

There is a temple in Andhra Pradesh that has the idols of Lord Hanuman with his wife Suvarchala Devi and together they are known as Suvarchala Anjaneya.

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