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Did you know that Lord Hanuman could be the Inventor of Yoga?? Read the whole story.

Lord Hanuman is sometimes referred to as Suryaputra because of his close acquaintance with his teacher, Surya, the Sun. Surya Dev (Sun God) has a great teacher to Lord Hanuman and helped him in great ways to attain all the knowledge and worldly wisdom. Surya Dev taught hanuman all the Vedas, Vedangas, and Upangas making him a very strong and knowledgeable man. Hanuman was a very obedient and sincere student and respected his guru with all his heart.

To honor his teacher, Hanuman used to perform a series of poses. Hanuman used to perform these poses to greet Surya by calling out all the names of the Sun and bowing down in respect. This sequence of poses is today referred to as Surya Namaskar. Performing Surya Namaskar is said to have empowered Lord Hanuman physically and made him the Lord of Strength.

Apart from the divine and very powerful Surya Namaskar, Lord Hanuman is also believed to be a regular practitioner of various routine exercises which also form a part of Yogasnas.

Lord Hanuman is the son of Lord Vayu, the wind. It is believed that Lord Vayu taught his son the technique and significance of breathing. Lord Vayu devised the correct technique of rhythmic inhalation and exhalation of air through one’s nostrils. Lord Hanuman mastered this technique gaining control of his mind and body and thus could meditate and attain peace of mind. This breathing technique was later popularised as Pranayam and forms the basis of Yoga.

Lord Hanuman has contributed the major elements in Yoga namely, Surya Namaskar and Pranayama. It will not be wrong in stating that the Vayu’s son and Surya’s student Hanuman was the chief founder and practiser of Yoga.

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